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Since 1975 to 2012

         Being established in 1975, with continuous achievements within the perion, our company has reached a remakable level of capacity serving to various segments of the market. Presently operating in a 4000 sqm covered area HAS VİDA has become a highly demanded brand in the market due to our high production capacity and level of quality.

         HAS VİDA is following DIN standarts for production since her establisment.Commencing of fully automatic machinery the company reached capacity of pieces of screws and rivets per annum, %30 of the capacity is tabbing screws, %30 is machine screws and %40 is costum designed screws and rivets.

         The company is serving to various segments of the market including Electrical, Electronic, White Goods, Automotive, Construction, Furniture and Machine Industries. Besides helping our costumers with their stocks and quality needs, we also act as a solution provider in most cases.

         By this occasion we would like to thank to our costumers for their support and confidance in our company for almost 40 years of service.

Sincerely yours.....

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